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Assisting the insured in assessing their damages

About us

A&A supports insurance companies in ascertaining causes of loss, evaluation of damage, determination of responsibility and providing services to the insured.

A&A is specialized in high frequency claims and provides a wide range of services: from the assessment of damage to the support of the insured, with the aim of limiting the discomfort caused by unexpected and adverse events.

We are able to operate on a broad range of losses: from home insurance to damage to small and big private companies of all sectors, such as: civil, industrial, agricultural, real estate and renewable energy.

The A&A team is young and qualified. It manages methodically a high number of claims daily with a highly technological custom processing able to satisfy diverse needs.

Our approach is based on our main corporate values: fairness, teamwork expertise, specialization, constant improvement, collaboration, innovation, attention and ethics. 


Thanks to the widespread presence of experts and technicians, A&A is able to cover the entire Northern-Italy marketplace. We work on both property and liability claims. Our approach to claims varies depending on the type and amount of damage, the kind of insured, the claim status and the guidelines provided by the insurance company.

High Frequency Losses

Smart survey - Remote adjusting solutions

Adjusting activity  carried out without inspection on site but with collaboration of the insured through their smartphone, thanks to information comparative techniques and dialogue between A&A technicians and the  insured’s suppliers.

Survey in collaboration with specialised technicians

A&A cooperates with a widespread network of highly qualified technicians whenever the damage, however small, requires specific technical expertise in order to understand the causes of loss and  the reparability of damaged goods in order to support the insured.

Loss adjusting activity

A&A operates as a Loss Adjuster, regarding both property and general liability claims.

Special Services

Large losses

The management of large losses is led by a specialized team composed of a group of experts in order to provide the best service regarding the technical, organizational, economic and legal aspects related to the loss. The team is led and advised by a Senior expert.

Electrical and electronical damage (Overvoltage)

Through the analysis of the damaged goods and of the circumstances which caused the damage, A&A is able to determine whether the cause of the reported failure was triggered by one of the events covered by the applicable policy. Our company is also able to provide information on the reparability of damaged goods and their value, based on the provisions of the insurance policy wording.

Damage to plants and machinery

A&A handles these claims with a specific approach: a quick evaluation of the origin of events, support to the insured to mitigate the loss, a prompt communication to the insurance company regarding the relevant information, a dialogue with machinery producers, a specific technical knowledge of plants and machineries and their role in the corporate structure.

Damage to renewable enery production plants

A&A has developed a vertical specialization for these claims. The ability to put the repairmen in contact with the most skilled experts allows us to ensure strict control of the claim, the proper assessment of the damage as well as the proposal of possible alternative settlement solutions through supportive activities.

General Liability Claims

Engineers and lawyers work together to shed light on circumstances and responsibilities, and to set the appraisal work at an optimal level. The ability to quickly manage a large number of claims, with high quality standards is what makes A&A the ideal partner for insurance companies looking for excellent services.


The operational office is located in Peschiera Borromeo, where our experts and our administration and support staff work. This is where we manage the claims using valuation methods that combine a careful application of the insurance contract and the most modern methods of damage assessment, together with a wide proposal of services to the insured and insurance companies.



All the new claims are checked in order to identify the most appropriate evaluation methodology and service proposals.



Damage assessment is carried out on a desktop basis with the support of the collaboration of our network of technicians.



A&A offers its customers a specific settlement service thanks to the extensive network of engineers and partners who are able to repair all kinds of damage: from damage to plumbing and electrical systems, glass breakage, fire, to damage caused by burglars and more.


We meet people every day struggling with damage management or an unexpected event that can cause great discomfort. The services we provide will help damaged parties to cope with this critical moment with more ease.



Risk assessment service for real estate properties, plants and equipment.


Advisory service and support on the post-claim decisions.



Transparency and promptness in the assessment of policy coverage.


Support in verifying suppliers, proposed action and quotes.



Direct management and execution of reparation in kind.


Managed claims per year


We believe in the importance of having a direct relationship with the insured, in order to offer them our best expertise.

We believe in team work, in order to develop new talent, offer a homogenous level of service and manage the workload.

We believe in the specialization of skills when dealing with claims.

We believe in constant innovation, at all levels and in all areas of the company.

We believe in the collaboration with insurance companies.


Elisabetta Pinciroli

Elisabetta Pinciroli


Graduated in Humanities, she worked as Head of Communication and Marketing in various service companies. For 12 years she has been International Key Accounts Manager of the Munters group, world leader in restoration services for the Insurance Market.

From 2007 to February 2010 she was Marketing Manager at PER spa, a company specialized in Pre and Post damage prevention services and risk management.

In Italy she has led the development of innovative services for the insurance industry as part of the “high-frequency property claims.”

Philippe Roux

Philippe Roux

Member of the Board

Graduated in Economics, he has more than 3 years’ experience as Managing Director and Divisions Manager in the service management for the insurance industry, in Germany and Europe.

From 1994 to 2006 he was Executive Vice-President of Sales & Marketing of the Munters Group.

Currently he is the Managing Director in HPM Handwerker Schadendienst GmbH and STP Sachverständige GmbH, that offer specialized technical services in accordance with Germany’s leading insurance groups.

Roberto Caporali

Roberto Caporali

Member of the Board

Graduated in Electronical Engineering, he has held consulting and management positions in the service sector and IT area within large international companies. From 1985 to 1988 he has been a Management Consultant, and has been Director of Informational Systems in Xerox until 1994. Later in EDS, the second largest group worldwide in the field of IT services, he was Account Executive, first in Italy and then in the Southern European coordination, until he assumed the responsibility for the contracts with the largest Italian industrial group in 2003.

He has worked in A&A since 2009, and is responsible for the creation and management of the technical partners network.

Giuseppe Bolognese

Giuseppe Bolognese

General Manager

Educated in classical studies, after studying contemporary history, he worked in the book and publishing industry for 33 years. He has opened and managed several of the largest libraries and editorial chains in Bologna and Milan.

Since 1990 he has worked in Jaca Book, an important publishing house in Milan of international level, where he was Editorial Vicedirector and dealt with the realization of the program and the production organization. He has worked in A&A since the spring of 2014, where he holds the position of General Manager.

Amedeo Polisicchio

Amedeo Polisicchio

Technical Director

Property & Liability Loss Adjuster since 1978, he also worked until 2005 as designer, works director and tester for private, commercial and industrial buildings and as Bank Advisor for properties and other assets estimate. He joined Experta in 2015 as advisor. 

In January 2018 he has been appointed Technical Director for complex claims and Quality Control Manager for all the claims. 


Ida Ferrero

Ida Ferrero

Chief Financial Officer

Graduated in 1992 in Economics and Business, she began her career as a chartered accountant. In 1997 she moved to Ernst & Young and in 2004, she joined Telecom Italia, first in the Fiscal Department and then in the Group’s strategic planning.

As a CFO, she has supervised, from 2010 up to the present, reorganisation projects for the Administration, Finance and Control divisions of various companies. These have resulted in modernised, more efficient processes involved in the ordinary and extraordinary management of the companies’ activities.

She works in A&A since December 2017, with the responsibility for the brother companies as well.

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